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always Charley Harper, always…

UPDATE: Here’s the finished painting I did of a very princely french bulldog. I had done this as a sketch a while ago and decided that I needed to get my hands dirty and do a painting…

Just finished a logo design I did for a theater company in New Hampshire. It’s for a re-occuring series called “EAT IT UP: Food Talks!” It involves a chef whose perspective is always rough, but elegant at the same time.

It’s a pretty simple concept and design, but I wanted to post some stuff because I very rarely have time to do so. 

Got internet at the new apartment! Things are slowly starting to come together! Now I just need to handle unpacking and complete some freelance jobs…

working on a freelance project! Should be posting the final designs after everything is okayed and printed.

Spent some time working in my #sketchbook over in Chelsea…this is what happened.


Love this find on my night walk with @kddiamond

The Seacoast Repertory Theatre just hung all the posters I did for their main stage season. Check em’ out!

PRYSM logo

PRYSM logo

Beards illustration



Building a new website. Yes, stamps are involved. (Taken with instagram)

Happy Birthday to Harvey Milk

Quick self portrait illustration I did for an event this summer.

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